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I have to be honest, I’ve been leery of online ‘shows’ – except for those that are shown on Hulu or my ABC network app on my iPad…those are ‘real’ shows in my mind. Did I mention I majored in TV production in the 90’s? Yes, the time before online streaming was an every day thing. Now, my kids are watching NetFlix in the back seat as we drive to the grocery store. Who could have ever imagined technology could come this far?

If you have a vegetable garden and are interested in learning how you can keep it pest-free naturally – or as chemical-free as possible – this is the show for you, especially since in reality, only about 3% of the insect population actually does any kind of harm to our plants.

Check out Episode 124 – Natural Pest Control. Because of this show, we were able to purchase the right products to help keep our veggies safe for consumption (by humans, not for pests!).

What is your favorite online show – gardening or otherwise?

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Compost those Leftover Jack-o-Lanterns!

This Halloween, we were complete slackers – yes, I said it. We did not bother getting a pumpkin, so we didn’t have a jack-o-lantern gracing our front porch. But it’s really ok…the kids never asked about it, and I think the neighbors were probably secretly happy as last year’s adventure didn’t turn out so well.

Living in Florida means we have about 9 months of summer-like weather. Carve a pumpkin in that kind of weather and this is what you end up with. If you look closely, you can see the black mold around the openings. Mmmm…anyone for some pumpkin pie??

However, if you live in a friendlier climate, or you just don’t care about the stench that may emanate from your front porch, here is one simple idea for your leftover jack. Compost!! For my garden friends, this is a no-brainer. Chop that sucker up and mix it into your compost container. It should break down quickly – just don’t forget to remove the votive beforehand. Not only will this deliver awesome nutrients for your garden, you’re saving space in the landfill (think of all those jack-o-lanterns piled up!).

Haven’t tackled composting yet? It’s never too late to start! Think about all those other veggies, fruits and coffee grounds you throw out every day that could be added to a compost bin. Just Google “How to compost at home” and you’ll find a ton of info on how to begin and the real benefits of composting.

What plans do you have for your jack-o-lantern’s second life this year?

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