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Yalaha Adventure

We decided to go on a little road trip today. Yalaha, Florida is a quaint town about an hour north of Orlando, and that’s where Blue Bayou Farms is located. I found this little gem at www.pickyourown.org and decided to check it out. Lucky for us, the famed Yalaha Bakery is right next door where we were sure to pick up some delicious baked goods!


On the way there, we saw truckloads of just-picked oranges – yum! This was the best shot I could get as the truck was turning…


Here’s the adorable farm store. They had a plot of land behind it – certified organic – with blueberry plants! We’ll definitely be visiting again in March/April when the blueberries come into season.


After we checked out all the goods, we wandered over to the bakery which had a lovely German deli. Here is a shot of my delicious lunch!

After eating lunch outside, the girls had a blast playing with their cousins who came along with us. They ran around in the field next to the bakery. Open fields seem to call kids names – especially when they have inviting old oak trees to run around!


The weather was fantastic – a warm 70 degrees. What better way to spend it with my love!



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We’re starting to clean up after the festivities from Christmas, and still basking in the glow of togetherness with family. We were lucky enough to spend the holiday with both our families. Though on opposite sides of town, as we were driving I was thankful we didn’t have to fly anywhere and got to sleep in our own beds last night. To all of you who had to travel, I hope it went smoothly given the weather going around the US in the past couple days! Last night, we were exhausted – even sore! – from all the preparation and celebrating and relished in the warmth of the covers last night as we fell into bed.

This morning, the girls were enjoying the Christmas loot…A was drinking in every page of a new Richard Scarry book her Aunt V got her.

Today’s weather is cold and windy, and perfect inspiration for soup and chili making. I’m trying to decide between a few different recipes in a new book I received from V, too! So excited to dive into this one! Urban Pantry: Tips & Recipes for a Thrifty, Sustainable & Seasonal Kitchen. Right up my alley! I’ll let you know how it goes.

I also got to something that’s been on my list for a while – and yes, this is how exciting my day has been so far. I cleaned the shower heads!! Woo hoo! I know, you’re totally envious of my glamorous lifestyle. But seriously, every time I took a shower, I thought to myself how badly the shower heads needed to be cleaned.

So if you’re inspired by my domesticity – find instructions here on how to clean your shower head with just a bit of vinegar and some heat. One caveat – it does stink up the house, but works like a charm!

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Crawl, walk…crawl again

I’m assuming that when I first started walking, I didn’t just start and then kept with it, never crawling again. Granted, I don’t have the memory of Marilu Henner and can’t recall exactly my mobility timeline – I’m actually quite the opposite, but I digress.

With living as free of chemicals, pesticides, GM food as possible, I’m still in the crawling stage. There are moments of clarity when I know I have to make a better choice than the last one. There are also moments when I just can’t find organic Brie, organic Chick-fil-a…or organic fudge. Mostly the convenient or so-good-but-so-bad for you items. Then I remember what this is all about…not so much living for the moment and consuming whatever I want, but living so that I can have *more* moments.

I can use every excuse in the book – I’m tired, I didn’t plan well enough, I’ve been traveling and working a lot, the traditional grocery store that we frequent (which I know their organic inventory pretty well) didn’t have what I wanted – but the bottom line is that living this kind of life takes a commitment. It takes willpower and a regular reminder of exactly why you’re doing it. It’s an instant realization at first, but then it started to fade for me and I started slipping back into old habits.

We still bought the basic organic necessities (milk, etc.), but when it comes to meal planning and resisting the urge to eat out – which feels like it’s often – that was another story. And it’s not like there’s an organic restaurant at every corner. We certainly don’t live in California! So the options were few.

Now that I’m off from my day job for a few weeks, I’m taking the opportunity to refocus and take more time to savor food – be thoughtful and purposeful in what we choose because ultimately our kids will pay the price whether it’s through a long healthy life or God forbid possibly a debilitating disease.

And it’s not just about food – what are we using to clean the house? Furnish the house? While I’d love to do away with all the carpet and put down bamboo, that’s just not realistic financially. So we’ll continue to do what we’ve been doing, and that’s trying our best. Taking each decision one at a time and make it the best one we possibly can. And isn’t it true that unless something is hard-fought or takes effort, it’s probably not worth it?

Did you walk right away? Or did you regress and have to build back up to the habits you always wanted?

PS – That is my adorable daughter when she was 6 weeks old. I never pass up a chance to share sweet pics like that!

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