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Yoga: A Natural Remedy for Back Pain

Yet another reason I love yoga…

Daily Cup of Yoga

OmLight Photography by Jim Campbell

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Lexi of Lexi Yoga.]

Back aches and pains are pretty common these days. Pills and medications can bring immediate relief, but may not be enough to remove the root cause for such excruciating pain. The cause could be due to any number of reasons – being overweight, living a sedentary life style, crouching in front of your computer for too long, or even having an upset stomach.

Yoga is a natural remedy that cultivates a balance between flexibility and strength in your body, which is usually the root cause of back pain. Many people have tension along the spine, hips and shoulder area. Including yoga in your daily life can do wonders to any type of pain, either physical or emotional, as yoga helps to release all the stress and toxins within your muscles…

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7 Reasons Kale is the new Beef

7 Reasons Kale is the new Beef

Had to share this one from Organic Authority. Shocking that kale has more iron than beef!

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Today’s bounty

Here is a shot of a few things I harvested today….a departure from the usual lettuce, kale and tomatoes.

Can anyone name the purple little gem??


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We’ve been harvesting an amazing amount of kale and lettuce in the garden this fall/winter. I have a hard time calling it winter because it’s 72 degrees out – and it’s December 11.

Take a look:

Kale, southern peas, bloom from the eggplant, cukes and dinosaur kale






I wasn’t sure what to do with the southern peas. The pods are really fibrous, so I let them dry in the vine and took the peas out when they were hard. They’ll make an appearance in one of our meals one day!

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