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I have to be honest, I’ve been leery of online ‘shows’ – except for those that are shown on Hulu or my ABC network app on my iPad…those are ‘real’ shows in my mind. Did I mention I majored in TV production in the 90’s? Yes, the time before online streaming was an every day thing. Now, my kids are watching NetFlix in the back seat as we drive to the grocery store. Who could have ever imagined technology could come this far?

If you have a vegetable garden and are interested in learning how you can keep it pest-free naturally – or as chemical-free as possible – this is the show for you, especially since in reality, only about 3% of the insect population actually does any kind of harm to our plants.

Check out Episode 124 – Natural Pest Control. Because of this show, we were able to purchase the right products to help keep our veggies safe for consumption (by humans, not for pests!).

What is your favorite online show – gardening or otherwise?

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October 30 Harvest

We were able to pick our second batch of beans and decided to picked “Big Green” as he was starting to turn yellow.

Note the lovely bamboo fence that now lines the garden! Thanks to our friends Doug and Lucy who gave us their bamboo for this project.

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It’s been a couple weeks since my last garden update, and wow…what a difference that time can make! We’ve had many many hot sunny days – dusty and dry. But the plants have loved it! Last night, we had a nice drenching downpour and when I checked out the garden this morning, I was amazed to see what the rain had done for our small plot.

As I looked around today, I noticed a peculiar pattern on the edges of some of the bean plant leaves. It looks as though a critter has been munching on them! Can you identify what this could be? And when I say critter, I’m thinking opossum, raccoon…that kind of critter! Can you imagine!! Ewww!

Almost every tomato plant has blooms on it now, which means that in a few weeks, we’ll hopefully have a delicious bunch of tomatoes to add to our meals!

Affectionately called “Big Green”, our first cuke is thriving. Is that bad when you start naming your vegetables before you pick them? I would be in a world of trouble if I actually had a farm with livestock!

My girls put mulch around our lettuce last weekend and somehow that has made them double in size!

And last but certainly not least, we were able to pick our first bunch of green beans that we cooked and ate with dinner!

(photo disclaimer: shadows and poor lighting need to be worked on in my shots…just so excited about the garden!)

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My little garden gnome.

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