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Wow! We were blessed by some amazing rain this week. Throw a couple tropical systems into the mix and voila! A garden can do what it does best…grow! When I look out at the garden today, the plants – especially the beans – look as if they are little children lifting their arms up toward the sun. It’s amazing what you witness in growth of any type.

The tomato plants are looking especially strong, but not to be outdone are the cukes. We have little stringers running off of those, and flowers are just starting to bloom. On Tuesday, I saw some bees getting down to business spreading the love around the garden. Awesome!!

The basil is still a bit yellow, but I’m just trying to give time. Cilantro and rosemary are happy little herbs – soon to be BIG herbs! I need to start coming up with some recipes with those ingredients. Any suggestions?

All in all, everything has grown by at least 20% this week. All the plants, even the green and red peppers with little buds appearing, are looking fantastic.

And for this week’s big announcement…we have two tomatoes that have decided to appear! Take a look!


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