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I can honestly say I made a very tasty meal tonight. Maybe because my husband, a stay at home dad to our two girls, prepares dinner most nights before I even get home. Yes, I’m truly blessed! But I really enjoyed my time in the kitchen tonight.

It was a simple roasted chicken – organic whole chicken from one of those wholesale clubs – rubbed with a little butter, salt, pepper and garlic. I also stuffed it with fresh rosemary from my garden.

To be honest, the rosemary had been looking so hearty and ready to be used for some delicious meal, that is the real reason I put this meal together. Yes, an herb is dictating my menu! However, look at the joy on my face as I stuff the chicken. Probably my least favorite part!

I put the chicken on a roasting pan with baby carrots and chopped up sweet potatoes seasoned with salt and pepper and basted in chicken stock (another thing we buy in bulk from the wholesale club).

After an hour and a half of roasting at 350 degrees, it was absolutely heavenly. Served with the roasted veggies, I also cooked up some whole grain wild rice and seved the meal with a crisp Pinot Gris.

It’s basic, no doubt about it, but a lovely meal all the same. And after dinner, I threw the carcass into a pot and am simmering up some homemade chicken soup! Never in a million years did I think I would go to these lengths, but with organic food costing so much, I try to make sure I get the most out of what we make.

My trusted online source forĀ recipesĀ – www.allrecipes.com. I love how you can search for recipes by ingredient.


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