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Follow up on bleach

Had to share this post on bleach alternatives when I saw it on Organic Authority…very applicable given my bleach challenges!

Have you used any of these tips?  I’ve tried the vinegar and tea tree oil (the latter mainly for my yoga mat, mixed with water), but I’ll have to give lemon juice and borax a try.


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So I’ve decided that while homemade cleaners are good for some cleaning tasks – like taking care of sticky spots on the counter and innocuous messes like that, what I have found is that they aren’t very good at battling mold and mildew in the shower. Yes, I truly love the smell of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap…and baking soda has a nice grit to it, but nothing gets those nasty stains off my tile and grout like the cleaners that contain bleach. I feel like such a green failure for admitting this, but I really can’t stand the thought of taking a shower with visible growth on the walls and floor.

The one comfort I take in sending the bleach water down the drain is that I don’t use it very often, which may give you some sense of the state of my bathrooms. Good thing too because I think I burned my throat and dissolved any pesky nose hairs I had. People probably pay good money to have their nose hair waxed! Why bother when you can just breathe in some bleach?

I guess this really is a veiled inquiry for any non-harmful solutions to bathroom mold and mildew. Any ideas…before I harm myself even more?

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