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We’re almost one week into our garden, and like the title says, we have a very promising beginning. Our simple green space is just that – a little more green.

So far we’ve planted all of the plants we purchased from the nursery, and also planted seeds for a mixture of lettuce (this did really well in last year’s garden), pole beans, sunflowers – because they are beautiful!

Not sure if it’s the right time for sunflowers, but the girls really wanted to plant them, so why not! Ryan also spread mulch over most of the no-weed cloth we put down. Hoping that cloth will really keep the tedious task of weeding to a minimum. To secure the cloth, hangers from the dry cleaner came in really handy. Just cut them in a few pieces and voila! You have a new use for those hangers that usually end up in the trash!

We also invested in new drip lines. Since we’re using reclaimed water, we don’t want to spray the plants directly so the drip lines are a good approach. Attached to the drip line is a timer so watering will be a no-brainer. That was our downfall last year – we just didn’t make time to water and the garden was totally neglected. Since so much has been invested this time around I’m feeling really optimistic about how it will all turn out.

What tips or tricks do you do to ensure a good start to your garden?


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Last night I promised some dramatic “before and after” pictures…and I’m ready to deliver. To the left, you’ll see the clean canvas that is our garden on Day 1. Here’s how it went down from there.

Yesterday afternoon, we came home with our loot from South Seminole Farm & Nursery. We stocked up on some organic compost – 20 bags for just $2/bag – to turn our sandy soil into rich, nutrient material our plants would fall in love with. Ok, that might be dramatic. But we’re aiming for growth here, and a little exuberance and optimism can only help.

In addition to the compost, we scored:

  • 18 tomato plants (only $2.75 for 6!!! What a steal!)
  • 6 butternut squash plants
  • 6 acorn squash plants
  • 2 strawberry plants
  • 6 cucumber plants
  • 2 basil plant
  • 10 marigolds

All of that for just $81.04, which I consider a great deal! South Seminole nursery was really great, and the people who worked there were extremely helpful and passionate about plants!

After sweating like pigs as the temps reached about 100 in the sun, we poured ourselves into the truck and enjoyed the a/c on the way home. We unloaded everything and got to work right away.

The first order of business was perking up that sorry excuse for soil with the compost – cow manure to be exact. I got all of the bags dumped out and started to turn the soil to mix it all up. While I worked, the girls were swimming and admiring how their mom was covered in cow poop (lovely). Then, the downpour hit. As I hurried the girls inside, I’m of course tracking the manure everywhere, trying not to slip and just having a good ol’ laugh. We eventually got cleaned up and ready for….drum roll please…date night.

There’s more to the story so I’m going to keep you in suspense, as well as keep that ‘after’ picture until tomorrow.

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