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And so it begins

Welcome to what is likely the trillionth blog ever created – and probably the millionth with the word ‘green’ in it. But don’t fade on me now!

Hopefully this one will be a bit more enticing. Here I’ll share with you the laughs and learnings of a family of four trying new ways of going about every day life – working to create a healthy, happy and enriching home.

The prime focus of this blog will be our soon-to-be-planted organic fall garden. Throw in a side of cooking, a pinch of parenting and a few surprises in between.

Tomorrow (which is like…now!), I’ll show you how our garden started. Be prepared for *shocking* before and after photos, as we’re not starting out with anything out of Homes & Gardens magazine that’s for sure!!

Hope to see you around here often – and feel free to jump in with questions or suggestions! I would love to hear about your family/gardening/cooking adventures too.


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