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You go!

It has taken sheer force of will to finally sit down and get to blogging this week. It’s not for a lack of wanting. The ideas have been coming to me like the wine that flowed into my glass last weekend in Sonoma, California! I now actually have some semblance of a content calendar which I am very excited about. This blogging thing is a whole process, I’m learning.

So first, I’m ‘getting my blog on’ on my iPad tonight. I already have my ‘blog setup’ on my laptop – all pages are bookmarked, passwords are saved automatically – you get the picture. But dear husband is finally getting to update HIS blog on the wooden surfboard he built earlier this year.

He only had 93 pictures saved up from the last time he posted till the time the board went on its maiden voyage in June…and yes, now it’s September! Are you getting a feel for how things work in this house yet? Check out my husband’s surfboard.

I’m happy to say that the iPad is nearly all set up for my blogging pleasure. WordPress for iPad has been great! Mission #1 of 200 accomplished for tonight.

Now, onto the point in really wanted to get to – congratulating Marisa on the launch of her new site. Hers is a blog I’ve been following for a few weeks and her creativity is captivating. I’m totally envious of her ability to give a thrift shop find a brand new life by taking it in, hemming it or just simply belting it at the waist! She’s given up ‘traditional’ clothes shopping for a year and given herself a $1 per day allowance for her ensembles. Marisa does an amazing job at documenting her journey so check out her blog and get inspired!

Back to the topic of gardening, I’m planning a full update this week as well as a recap of Sonoma and Mendocino. Chat again soon!


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