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The garden is having a nice, steady amount of growth over the past couple weeks. It’s amazing to see how strong and hearty the tomatoes look as they already have about 6 or so baby tomatoes making an appearance.

Along with the tomatoes, one of the most exciting developments is how strong the bean plants look too. Last spring when we grew beans, the were the best producers of that crop – but this fall…I think they are going to set a new precedent! The bean plants are getting so big and ready to sprout that we’ve had to stake almost all of them.

Luckily, our lovely friends were cutting back their bamboo and offered us a huge bundle of it. So my DH has been busy cutting it up and using the bamboo as a decorative staking system. Talk about style in the garden! And we have so much bamboo left that he’s going to make a beautiful fence around the entire garden.

Even though there is so much good…we’ve pretty much given up on our acorn squash. I can’t figure out what has happened to it, but it’s withering and being munched into nothingness. Can’t have it all, I guess!

I’ve found that the more beautiful we make the garden, the more likely it is we’ll be out there enjoying and tending to it. Do you find that’s the case as well? What are some ways you’ve made your garden a destination, not just a place where things grow?


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